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MD Media is a 20 year old organization of advertising experts. We begin by finding out what you want to accomplish. We then help you find a way to make your impossible...possible. Do you want to sell a product or drive traffic to your establishment? Are there time constraints? Are there budget constraints? We help you find resolution.

We are expert media buyers. We buy advertising for your business. We buy billboards, other forms of out-of-home, radio, television, direct mail, Internet, print, and all forms of non-traditional advertising. We are the solution to all of your advertising/media buying needs. Call today!

We buy all traditional and non-traditional media...






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Advertising Anywhere

MD Media is an organization of media buying experts. We take your message to your target audience. Whether you want to advertise on billboards in Iraq or on the beaches of Hawaii, we've done that. Although we work with big clients, we've never forgotten where we came from. Since the genesis of MD Media was local clients and local budgets, we welcome smaller clients on a mission with a message. Give us a call today so we can help you with all of your media buying needs.


Love Letters!

"As you know, I have bought media from a lot of different companies and will always choose you over the rest. I always know that I will get the right product at the right price. Besides, your positive attitude is a joy to work with."

- Monica Villacana, Reebok

Fan Mail!

"Oftentimes vendors see our name and see dollar signs. I appreciate you looking at our purpose versus our purse. Even after doing business together for more than ten years, you still approach every buy with a new excitement and new attitude. Thank you for everything."

- Patty Delli-Bovi, Busch Media Group

About Us

MD Media is a full service media buying company. We opened our doors in Los Angeles, CA in the 1990's when "The Simpsons" came on the scene and "Got Milk?" was the hot new advertising campaign. The secret to our continued success is the way we represent our clients. When multi-million dollar media buying companies contact media vendors, those vendors expect top dollar for their inventory. Yet, when a boutique media buying company, such as MD Media, contacts media vendors they understand that budgets are sometimes tighter and there's a greater need to negotiate rates. Our clients are, therefore, able to get specialty media buying services, prime advertising inventory, and greatly discounted rates on advertising mediums such as billboards, radio, television, print and non-traditional advertising.

The “boutique” approach to media buying is why our client list includes names like Nike, Reebok, Anheuser Busch, Dunkin Donuts, H&R Block and many more. The only client name that’s missing is yours. Our staff of professionals makes the complicated task of buying media simple. Whether you want to buy billboards on the freeway or advertise on a college campus, we can make it happen. In short, we do all of the work. We listen to you, find the inventory, and place the buy. While we don’t do creative, we do offer our expert opinions on what creative can work in the different advertising mediums. We also offer print and production services for your advertising campaigns.

Call today and let your message be heard.